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The Center for Autism & Dyslexia is committed to achieving success with each student, against all challenges. By building confidence and competence through personalized academic and behavioral interventions, we prepare your child to become a happy and responsible adult.

Goals for Students at the Center for Autism & Dyslexia:

To be healthy individuals who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to form responsible relationships with a wide range of people
  • Have the capacities for playing satisfying and responsible roles in family life
  • Possess the knowledge, habits, and attitudes that promote personal and public health
  • Understand ethical principles and values and apply them to their own lives
  • Are aware of their own worth, abilities, potential, and limitations

To be independent individuals who:

  • Are skilled in obtaining information, problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication
  • Play a greater role in their educational environment
  • Enjoy the process of learning and acquire skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning, adaptation to change, and engagement/productivity as a member of society
  • Are aware of career opportunities and pursue knowledge necessary for further education
  • Contribute to the political decision-making processes of the community, state, country, and world

To be academically competent individuals who:

  • Acquire academic skills in language arts, mathematics, and the physical and biological sciences
  • Understand specific events and the broader context of social studies, history, and current events
  • Express themselves creatively in one or more of the arts