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The Center for Autism & Dyslexia

At the Center for Autism & Dyslexia, we believe that education isn’t about memorizing facts or taking tests—it’s about teaching children skills they can use to maximize their potential and live more meaningful lives. We are dedicated to providing a quality, well-rounded educational experience that gives your child the opportunity to achieve beyond expectations. Our goal is to help shape all students into independent, productive young adults who can effectively interact in real-world settings. Our child-centered approach focuses on fostering emotional growth; increasing academic, language, and behavioral competencies; and enhancing each child’s natural strengths.

Discover what makes the Center for Autism & Dyslexia the best choice for your family.


Interactive sensory-based education provides an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students at all levels. No matter your child’s learning challenges, our individualized programs ensure we meet every student’s needs.

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Comprehensive life skills programming is individually geared to meet your child’s needs and increase individual skills that can be easily applied to everyday life.


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Your child’s education incorporates a variety of therapies and supports for further generalization of skills.



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We keep you informed of all the latest school events and activities. Download our calendar and subscribe to our event announcements to always stay on top of your child’s schedule.

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